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Our Aims 2018

Above is just to grab your attention but raises a serious question..

How do people in general view cannabis?


I may be wrong, but in my opinion its quite close to a dark,
seedy, taboo sort of place in peoples minds..
very much like we've pictured above.


At 420Links we are in the opinion that if we produce clear, unbiased and content correct literature it can only strengthen the
legalize it campaign. Help the drive to make the plant legal
as has happened in so many parts of the world.

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Only working together can we make a real difference.
Lets produce the best literature out there,
get it out there and stop the ignorance once and for all.!

We can not lie, funding is essential to pulling something like this off.
So whether your an individual or company that wants to get involved,
then please state your interest at:

What we need?


As well as the obvious funding, we also need many experts in each field to help produce the right content and final editing.


Not looking for a quick solution here, but one with weight that will be constantly updated until we have it as perfect as we can.


Interested?.. need more information, just get in touch


more info at:

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420 Links

Our Aims 2018